Arizonan Summer

About Arizonan Summer

About Chris Reiswig

Singer, Songwriter & Musician

Chris Reiswig’s fascination with music, inspiration from countless artists and appreciation for the ethos of Rock have motivated him to establish his own style and make his mark in the music industry. Chris enjoys the creative process involved with writing his songs as well as discovering new ways to bring them to life. For him, each song is reminiscent and a representation of specific points in time. For his listeners, he hopes that his songs will excite imagination and leave a unique and lasting impression. He sees music as a true art form and a labor of love. As he says, “Music is for the taking. If something has a reason to exist, then it will find a way to manifest its way into this world.”

By Chris Reiswig

About Arizonan Summer

Refreshingly Unique & A Celebration of Rock Music

Arizonan Summer can be described as “Progressive Indie”, though the music gravitates toward genres ranging from Art-Rock, Folk, Post-Punk, Funk and Psychedelia. Elements from each of these music styles combine to create a sound that is distinct to Arizonan Summer, yet a celebration of Rock Music, both past and present.

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